Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gluten Free Crêpe Recipe

My kids thrive when I cook for them. No matter how organic or gluten free a packaged product is, they always do better with a homemade version. I like these crepes because they contain a whole egg per serving. You can double or quadruple the recipe if you need to serve more people. My son won't eat an egg for breakfast but he will eat a crêpe. My daughter eats an egg each morning, but I like being able to offer her an alternative. This recipe has more egg and less flour than the usual recipe

1 egg
1 T. + 1 t. gluten free flour mix (brown rice, tapioca flour, potato flour mix or nut flour)
1 tsp water
small pinch salt
1/2 tsp sugar
coconut oil or palm oil

Whisk egg, flour mix, water, salt and sugar together in small bowl. Add oil to 10 inch frying pan and warm pan over medium heat. When hot, pour batter in pan to evenly coat. Cook over medium heat until cooked enough to flip over. Cook another minute on the other side.
My kids like them filled with jam and rolled up.


Jessica said...

Hey mom, My son was just diagnosed yesterday with Celiac Disease which I see you know what it is. I'm just stuck between a rock and a hard place.. Maybe since I just found out I'm still confused. The past month our family already cut out the processed sugars and meats and went organic and vegetarian, I'm having the most trouble cutting out the meat part, and had a few slip ups so my husband does not have confidence that I can cut out wheat too. Even if its for my son. I am going to do my best to cut myself out of the wheat department too. I know there are plenty of gluten free products I just need to go find them. I'm sorry to vent.I just need a mom that can do it gluten free. To give me some advise since my husband isnt the best candidate for that. thanks.

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Kristie said...

These crepes are the best ever... My picky toddler will eat them! and he wont eat anything! Thanks now I can make him a "sandwich" with these!!!!

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MARIE CRIS said...

OH MY GOSH! School is about to start and my son has to eat GF foods and I was online looking for GF lunch ideas. I can't believe I ran across this recipe today of all days. My husband and nephew brought home crepes today... and my poor son was crying because I told him he couldn't eat that...(he was only taken off of Gluten foods recently for his asthma). He'd rather get really sick and get to eat the crepes. I will definitely try this tomorrow with organic jam! THANK YOU!!!

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kathy said...

I made these crepes today and they were delicious. I used organic buckwheat flour and doubled the recipe.

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Lisa Hainline said...

this looks great and can't wait to try your recipe now that i have a gluten free mix. I make mine like a "Monte Cristo"; shaved ham, swiss cheese and a smear of red jam, then sprinked with powdered sugar.

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uri said...

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