Thursday, July 17, 2008

Donut Day

There is nothing healthy or nutritious about donuts, but every summer my daughter's camp has Donut Day so I make gluten free donuts. Last year, my daughter couldn't have yeast, so I used a Miss Roben's Donut Mix I found on

This year, I am making a homemade donut recipe I found on looksgoodinpolkadots, an great blog about mothering, gluten free cooking and being green. I used a wide tumbler to cut the outside of the donuts and a shot glass to cut the donut hole. Making donuts from scratch makes donut day very memorable--if we weren't gluten free I wouldn't ever remember Donut Day, but now I will remember it fondly as a summer tradition. It's inconvenient to be gluten free, but for me, it also makes everything more special.


looksgoodinpolkadots said...

The powder sugar sprinkles makes them look lovely! The kids keep asking me to make them again... but it is definitely one of those special treat things! I remember making donuts with my Mom growing up... these are the memories I also want my children to have!


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