Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Juice Plus+ Gummies*--A Way to Fill the Gap?

I first found out about Juice Plus+ Gummies at a celiac event. They had a gluten free vendor area and a friend had bought the chewables so I brought my daughter to the table to sample the chewables and gummies. It was more than a year ago and early on in my education about nutrition. At that point, I was just trying to get my daughter to eat anything remotely healthy. She didn't like the chewables and loved the gummies and she has been taking them ever since. We aren't as religious about taking them as we were a year ago, but I am a big fan of whole food supplements and this product in particular. With whole food supplements, they dehydrate fruits and vegetables and pulverize them so you can get some benefits of the whole food with the convenience of a gummy or chewable. It is not meant to replace fruits and vegetables or vitamins but to fill the gaps here and there when you can't get 7-9 servings of raw fruits and vegetables.

My son and I drink fresh juice every day when we can, but my daughter isn't a big fan of apple/carrot/kale juice. Juice Plus+ Gummies are insurance that Z. is getting some extra fruits and vegetables beyond what I can convince her to eat on any given day. I still try to get her to eat apples or strawberries for breakfast, a carrot or pickle for lunch and an artichoke for dinner when we have time or more carrots when we don't have time. But I also give her the gummies so I don't have to stress about what she does or doesn't eat.

Dr. Sears recommends Juice Plus+ and it is interesting that his story of stumbling upon Juice Plus+ is not all that different than my own. THEY ARE NOT CHEAP and are sold in a MLM scheme, so you pay four monthly installments of $22.50 and you get a four month supply of Juice Plus+ gummies which is four peanut butter size containers. A more affordable whole food product for kids is the Hero Nutritional Whole Food + Antioxidants Gummies sold in most health food stores for $14.29 online. I have never tried the product and the ingredient list and research are both less impressive than Juice Plus+, but it is another whole food gummy on the market.

If you contact Juice Plus+ they can send you samples of the products to make sure your kids like them before you commit to a four month supply!

WHAT TO DO: Get your child used to the idea of seeing (and eventually eating) raw fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack. Consider a whole food supplement for picky eaters who never come close to eating enough fruits and veggies.

*I have no financial ties to this product--except that I have purchased it myself.


looksgoodinpolkadots said...

These look awesome! My kids do eat plenty (I mean PLENTY) of fruits and veggies... but we still try to get extras in. We have tried various fruit/veggie supplements, but I've never heard of these. Getting my kids to eat the supplements is often harder than eating fresh produce!

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure Juice Plus Garden Blend is gluten free? It contains oat bran, which if pure, is gluten free. However, if processed at a plant that also processes, wheat, barley, kamut, and rye, it's not gluten free. The labeling doesn't ensure this. If Juice Plus is truly gluten free, it should be on their labeling. Otherwise I would caution gluten intolerant buyers to beware. I have been using Juice Plus for one year, but have discovered I am gluten intolerant and can't take any risks by continuing to take the Garden Blend if I want to heal.

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beach resort said...

hey I like taste it at one... next time send me a pinch to taste it.


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Shelly Lawson said...

Here's a gluten-free, organic solutions that you might want to try if your kids are into juice:

It's called First Juice. It contains 50% less sugar then the leading 100% juice, it’s less sweet, which trains the taste buds to not expect and crave a sweet taste. Additionally, each juice contains fruit and a veggie which helps expand a child’s taste.

It's also packaged in a no spill, reusable sippy cup.

You said your daughter isn't much into apple/carrot/kale juice...First Juice just came out with a blueberry + Purple Carrot and Peach + Purple Carrot flavor. See if she likes those!

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lisa mclellan said...

This Juice Plus Products are the best Nutrition for Health.

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