Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gluten Free In Burlington, Vermont

I bought a gluten free peach pie and a fresh carrot, apple, kale juice from Healthy Living in Burlington, Vermont. For me, it doesn't get much better than this. After being on the road for a week, I felt like I was at a spa when I was wandering around Healthy Living. The gluten free peach pie was from freshmeadowfarmbakery and it was delicious and flaky--even my brother-in-law had a piece and he is not a big fan of gluten free anything. And my daughter's friend asked for a second piece--"even a crumb" she said when I told her mom said only one small piece. The pie has some butter in the crust, which sometimes I occasionally include in my GFCF diet, but other members of our family can't. I also bought some Blue Ledge Farm Farmstead Gouda raw goats milk cheese, because sometimes people who are intolerant of cow's milk can have some goat's milk. And I have read that sometimes people who can't tolerate milk can, for some reason, tolerate the raw milk. So, I thought while I was in Vermont I would try some raw cheese. I was told by the environmental allergist to try things I might be sensitive to first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to see if there is a reaction. So I will be having a piece of cheese first thing in the morning--which is at 6 am because my neice Ella is like a rooster. Anyway, if you are in Burlington or anywhere near Burlington head to Healthy Living for some local, organic food.


Anonymous said...

I just ate at a new restaurant in Burlington, Boloco another great option for all of your GFCF needs...but be sure to order large vs. regular sized portions.

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Lauren said...

Vermont sounds so refreshing in contrast to Manhattan!! Sounds like you are having a great summer.


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