Friday, September 12, 2008

Gluten and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Part II

Thought I would post this update to the post, Gluten and ADHD, an inspiring story about an 11 year old, Johnathan.

Written by Cathy.

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Johnathan is doing, since school started.

First, I found a bread that he likes. The Gluten Free Pantry's Country white. I make it in the bread machine on the gluten free setting and it comes out so good. He is very happy to have found one he likes.

Yesterday was his first day with homework and what I witnessed was truly amazing. Johnathan has a memory recall problem, so at the beginning of every year, the teachers spend a lot of time reviewing last year's work with him, because he can never remember what he did. Yesterday was the complete opposite of what I am used too. For the first time EVER, he remembered everything he learned last year. I can only believe that it has to do with his new diet. To see him work on Math (his worst subject) and remember HOW to do it, was shocking and amazing for me. He has continued to be free of his medication and I believe is making big strides in his life. He did take a low dose on his first day because he was so afraid of not focusing on his teacher, the results of that one pill were devastating to see. He did not eat, he did not speak, he had totally withdrawn from life that day. To see that reaction sealed my belief in his diet even more. He has become so dedicated to this new diet and lifestyle that he feels the difference within himself, which for me is a wonderful step towards a wonderful life.

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$5 Dinner Mom said...

What a great testimony! It's still amazes me how food can have such a profound impact on us and out performance!

I'm passing the "I heart your blog" award on to you! I have been greatly encouraged by your blog, your research and your willingness to share it with us all!

Please pass the "bloggy love" on to 7 others (I just did 3!)...

Blessings! Erin

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Shellie said...

I am so glad found your site! My son has ADHD and we battled whether or not to put him on medication. We tried diet change (limted dairy- helped a little; limitd red dye and sugar intake) but nothing seemed to help 100%. We had him evaluated by a psychologist and had academic and cognitive testing to reveal he is a "true" case of ADHD. He is gifted but has a horrible processing speed. I really hate him being on Concerta but his grades were getting worse and behaviors were out of control. The Concerta works well, but it broke my heart to put him on meds. I have learned more about the GF diet and I will be trying it out! I hope this work for him!

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Anonymous said...

My grandson displays all of the same symptoms of your son, to include the social behavior challenges and the memory recall issues. He went a long time before diagnosis and ended up well behind in school. I think it is time for him to follow the example of your son and family.

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