Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Heart Your Blog Award

5dollardinner mom, thanks so much for the award. I am especially pleased that it came from you because I am more health conscious than cost conscious and I like that my ideas can inspire more budget conscious bloggers. The most exciting part about receiving this blog is actually being able to pass it on to others whose blogs inspire me. I would like to pass it along to an eclectic group:

1. Book of Yum has many yummy vegetarian recipes and low key attitude. I posted her peanut dipping sauce on my blog in the spring. Every summer I have one favorite dish that reminds me of that particular summer. This year it was spring rolls with Book of Yum's heavenly peanut sauce. I even put some peanut sauce on some Tinkyada rice pasta for some tasty "sesame" noodles when friends were ordering Chinese food and I felt a little deprived.

2. A Medical Student Blog is both thoughtful and open minded. I love its willingness to consider the best of alternative medical treatment in the context of the conventional medical setting. What a treat for all of us to see the world from the eyes of a medical mind as it is being molded.

3. My Mom Shops is a fun blog for me because I don't shop that much. I love that when I do, mymomshops has done the legwork for me.

4. Journey to Crunchville describes her blog perfectly as "The journey of a suburbanite mother from the mainstream to the crunchy. From ignorant to questioning. From selfishness to greater understanding." She shares her life and her ideas with us and her willingness to reveal herself moves me.

(Like Grateful for Grace, I am choosing only non-friend blogs!)


michelle said...

I just found your daughter is GFCF. Great recipes. Thanks, Michelle

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beach resort said...

hey thats really interesting

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Me said...

Hi, I found you on Mommy blogs amd I love the lemonade recipe. My Husband and I have started using agave and that is pretty much all we use as far as sweeteners goes, not even the once loved yellow or blue sweeteners..thanks for the recipes, and I will be following your gluten free family blog. I blog ~ God bless you and yours ~

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