Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

My son had his 3rd birthday a few weeks ago and I made cupcakes to celebrate. When my kids first went gluten free I would put a skittle (or m&m for my daughter) in the middle of every cupcake or cookie when I would bring treats to a party. That way they could tell which ones were gluten free. It is amazing how a little skittle can transform an ordinary cupcake, making it fun and bright.

Alex got a small guitar with a backpack guitar case for his birthday. On the night of his birthday, after "playing" it, he put it in his case and zipped it up. Then he put the two straps on and wore it like a backpack announcing: "Mom, look, I am a musician." A moment later he asked: "Mom, what's a musician?" It doesn't get much better than that.