Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Processed Food Versus Homemade Food

The job description for caring for young children should include food preparation as a component. Every cell of children's bodies is made from what they eat. Although food processors would like us to believe processed food is nutritious--it's not. They add "protein" and vitamins to make it look nutritious, but in reality, the added protein is often in the form of soy protein isolate or genetically modified dried milk powder, which don't have the health benefits of fresh, real protein. And the healthier, natural oils, which perish easily
are absent--replaced with oils won't ever go rancid. These oils aren't healthy for our bodies or our brain. What is found in homemade versions is healthier no matter what the label says, because the home cook doesn't have access to the 10,000 chemicals found today in
processed food.

So parents, caregivers and teachers should all rally together to rethink kids food and cutting an apple or peeling a carrot should be the norm instead of opening a bag with a label on it. We have been sold a convenient lifestyle by food processors and our kids are paying the price. Because of our over reliance on processed food their diets are devoid of important omega 3's necessary for brain development and their bodies are missing glutathione necessary for

What to do: See my post on snack trays and why fresh raw foods are critical for today's kids. Make cooking dinner a routine not the exception. If you serve some real food (raw fruits/vegetables or nuts) with every snack and meal you will gradually move away from an over reliance on processed packaged food.


Therapy Mom said...

Can I share this tomorrow in my $5 dinner post?!? Very well written and convicting!


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Lauren said...

I completely agree - nothing beats fruits and vegetables. Your snack trays are such a great idea!

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