Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is Your Child's Brain Starving?

This is an interesting video by Gordon McDowell which explains all the different problems that can cause children to have learning and behavioral problems and why changing the diet can make all the difference for many kids. It also goes into food intolerance testing and why it is important. Dr. McDowell wrote a book called "ADHD-Is Your Child's Brain Starving?" which didn't get a great review on Amazon. But it is impressive that he doesn't take royalties from the
book or the supplements he promotes. He seems genuinely on a mission to get the word out about the importance of nutrition and how it affects brain function.

It was made in 2003 and is a little outdated and has some inaccuracies. (He oversimplifies things and suggests DHA is the most important part of fish oil when newer research suggests it is the ratio of DHA to EPA that is most important. He suggests Tuna Oil when fish oil is actually made of small fish like anchovies and tuna is full of mercury.) But overall it is a video worth watching.

At the end of the video he says that in Australia they have actually passed a law that says that doctors have to look at nutritional factors and behavioral modification before they can consider
prescribing drugs like Ritalin or they will be audited and they could actually lose their prescribing privileges.

WOW! Australia is way ahead of the US.