Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Question: Is there a Mayonnaise that is GFCF?

There are several mainstream mayonnaises that are both gluten free and casein free. Hellmann's Mayonnaise is GFCF but it contains soy, which I included in my GFCF diet for a year. I went soy free after a neurologist told me the molecule was similar to the gluten molecule. But, going GFCF is hard enough and I would say for the first six months to one year you could include "soy bean OIL" and "soy LECITHIN"--both of these have only trace amounts of soy protein. I would recommend against any product that says "soy protein isolate" because getting a lot of soy could derail all your hard work trying to go GFCF, but everyone is different. Most people could probably have Hellman's Mayonnaise. I am more careful than most because my son is so sensitive.

Here is a link to a page that lists some GFCF condiments. And here is a link to my homemade mayonnaise recipe in case you are ever inspired to try a homemade version.