Sunday, December 21, 2008

Suzanne Somers' Book: Breakthrough-Eight Steps to Wellness

Jenny McCarthy wasn't on Larry King on Saturday (oops!) but Suzanne Somers was talking about her new book called Breakthrough-Eight Steps to Wellness which is about avoiding chemicals and detoxifying your body. For her book she interviewed twenty medical doctors from all over the world who have stepped back from conventional medicine about their top health tips. Somers said towards the end of the interview:
"The food choice you make on regular basis will either lift you up or bring you down."
She attributes her cancer to the chemicals in food and the environment and she spoke about the three most important supplements to take: OMEGA 3 was at the top of the list for many reasons including cancer prevention, followed by CoQ10 and then antioxidants. Eliminating Omega 6's (safflower, canola, sunflower oil) is also critical for health. I'm not that familiar with the hormone replacement she advocates for, but I was surprised with how well versed she was about alternative medicine and healthy living.

And she mentioned that Turmeric--a spice-- is important to take when you are getting a mammogram because, it protects breast tissue against radiation. According to Dr. Blaylock on a, women who choose to have a mammogram should take turmeric extract for ten days leading up to the mammogram. Or use thermography, which according to, doesn't use radiation, to screen for breast cancer in women who are between 40-49 and at a low risk for cancer.

WHAT TO DO: Limit everyone's exposure to chemicals found in foods and cleaning products by switching to organic products whenever possible. Inform yourself about the risks and benefits of all mainstream medicine and alternative treatments.


Cannon and Kassie said...

CANOLA OIL!!! I am so sick of seeing it in everything! Maybe now that a celebrity is saying it people will get the picture. It is so hard to anything including dried fruit without canola oil...since you are so much more articulate will you write a post on it? If not then I will have to get some info together and do it....argh! Thank you as always for your very smart, practical posts. Avoid chemicals duh?? I wish that people would get it and take charge of their health. Hope you are doing well!


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