Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whole O's: A Gluten Free Alternative to Cheerios

Nature's Path sent me a box of their new Whole O's and they are a crunch, organic, gluten free alternative to Cheerios. I sent some Whole O's into my son's preschool to see if the other kids liked them and they ALL loved them--although my son is the only one who is gluten free--so they are a cereal you can serve to anyone. Nature's Path Organic Whole O's contain only five ingredients (organic brown rice flour, organic corn flour, organic granulated sugar cane juice, organic pomegranate juice concentrate and sea salt.) and four of them are organic which makes this cereal a healthier choice than the regular cheerios (which contain seventeen ingredients). I usually make breakfast in the morning (crepes, bacon, eggs, pancakes, or sausages) so a bowl of cereal with a piece of fruit is a a super treat for my kids and a welcome break from cooking for me.

Thanks Nature's Path for making another tasty organic product for gluten free families to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I started my gluten free diet 3 years ago and whole-os was one of the first GF Cereals I tried. I was disappointed that it tasted nothing like Cheerios and had virtually no nutritional value. I eat Rice tastes like Rice Chex;^)

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