Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grinding Fresh Flour Using A Vita-mix Blender

My friend, Jill, told me "You NEED a Vita-Mix" a few months ago. She told me the Vita-Mix could make soft serve ice cream from frozen ingredients and make a nutritious warm soup in minutes--and grind grains!

The Vita-Mix is expensive, and it was definitely a last holiday hurrah for us. But it has a 7 year warranty and it look like people end up using it everyday. Because it finely grinds fruits and vegetables (even avocado pits!) more of the nutrients are available for absorption--which is good if you have any type of malabsorption issue. Kids who are picky eaters and finicky about textures would love the super smooth texture of the soups and smoothies and milks--these are
the same blenders they use in Starbucks. Even the seeds in strawberries are ground up so you can absorb the nutrition. The Good Eatah's post: A Few of My Favorite Things has additional info on the Vitamix.

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Kenya said...

I have made raw sweet potato mousse with my vita mix. The only thing that I find difficult is processing leafy thing like basil for pesto.

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Betsy said...

Hi, I just found your blog. We too are GFCF with great results. I have had my Vita-Mixer since '97 and still use it constantly. Our latest thing is making green smoothies - they really look purple.

We use:

1 cup organic frozen strawberries
1 cup organic mixed blue and black berries
2 bananas
5 oz of baby spinach
2 - 3 cups of water

I blend it all up for a yummy healthy snack.


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