Thursday, February 26, 2009

FUN FRIDAYS: A Fruit Plate

"This fruit plate tastes so good!"
"Taste the blueberries...they are SO sweet."
"So good."
"Taste another one."
"You've got to try's so sweet."

When I worked in pastry at Le Bernardin, a lot of my job was plating--arranging food on a plate perfectly. One thing I learned from the pastry chef was how to make a fruit plate. The owner, Maguy Le Cose, would get a cut grapefruit every night for dinner and health conscious customers would order fruit plates for dessert. Well, my kids certainly thought it was fun to be served a fruit plate. And they certainly thought the fruit tasted better. I can tell you--it wasn't that the fruit was so good. I had to throw half the mango out and the pineapple seemed a little overripe to me. I did pick out only the best blueberries, though. Anyway, I had to record the banter between my daughter and her friend, Sophie. For a mom who spends so much time cooking for her kids, it really was nice to hear how much they enjoyed their snack. If you aren't inspired to do a fruit plate, another easy way to make fruit more fun can be making a snack tray, which is my usual way to serve fruit on a playdate.

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Kim said...

I love this and your snack tray idea -- I am going to have to try this with Henry. He is great about veg. but awful about fruit... he doesn't like sweet things as a general rule. Ideas for not so sweet fruit? (the only fruit he will choke down is a banana and he doesn't like it)

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gfcfmom said...

If he loves vegetables forget fruits--do a vegetable plate! I think you are so lucky that he likes vegetables. I found some yummy organic snap peas at's not a fruit, but they were so yummy I thought Henry might like them. And they are sort of sweet. I just feed my kids fruit because they won't eat vegetables. But the snack tray idea is great for introducing new things. You could do five muffin trays of veggies and have the sixth be mangos and see what happens. My kids usually devour the stuff they love and somehow the momentum of eating they keep eating the unfamiliar stuff. The negative voices are somehow silenced by the novelty of such a fun snack presentation.

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Our Family Is His said...

My son will eat fruit and veggies by the truck load. I have to force protein into his little system. But, my husband would appreciate the effort. He really would. I will have to start making his plates a little more interesting when I serve him fruit or veggie plates. I guess I just dump and drop. Heheh.

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