Friday, February 6, 2009

Gluten Free Product: Chestnut Flour

I don't know where I found this gluten free chestnut flour. It sat in my cupboard for months and recently I decided to try it when my son became intolerant of rice, corn and potatoes. It has a delicious , creamy flavor and  is my new favorite gluten free flour. Everyone thought the pancakes, crepes and cookies I made with it  were yummy. I honestly don't even know what whole chestnuts taste like, but the flour is wonderful. After not finding it in several stores nearby where I might have purchased it, I ordered three bags from Gluten Free Mall today.


Kim said...

It definitely is yummy -- sometimes WF has it, but not all the time, unfortunately. Would love your crepes recipe!

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Tamara said...

Do you have to mix any other flour with it or do you just use it by itself? Would love to try alternative flours, thanks for the tip!

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Shalini said...

that is so funny. i just ordered it last week from gluten free mall. its great.

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