Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

"It's the little things." My brother-in-law said to me when I told him my son was lying in bed with a wet wash cloth on his head. The wet, cold wash cloth brought his fever down from 104.4 to 101 in about 10 minutes, which must be some kind of record. We are visiting my sister in Burlington, Vermont and as a fever descended on him the snow started magically falling, which made my daughter really happy and made our "never a dull moment" vacation even more movie like. Now he is sleeping soundly with bright red cheeks, this time flush from a fever--I think. He has croup and woke up last night struggling to breath. It sounded like asthma, but it turned out to be croup.It wasn't the hallmark barky cough that my daughter had when she had croup, but a dry gasping version. He breathing got better when I took him in a hot, steamy shower and he seemed completely recovered this morning until he got a high fever in the afternoon.

So, that puts us at five illnesses in two months. Strep. Strep again. Flu. Virus. Croup. But, it's all put in perspective by the fact that no one has had to go to the hospital, my kids are both sleeping soundly and my son is breathing normally.

Caring for my sick kids and being on vacation has left me very little time and almost no energy to blog or do research. But, I imagine all of you are busy with your own "never a dull moment" lives, and that you will be able to live without a few of my posts as I try to get everyone on the road to wellville.


Lauren said...

Poor Alex. 104 degrees is frightening. He has had a bad run this past month. Isn't there a shot they can give you for the croup? Elizabeth had it in Boston when James was six weeks old so Dale took her to the hospital. I don't know, in retrospect if the shot was good or bad but it was effective.

Also, if he has another fit take him outside. It is counterintuitive but the moisture in the air helps the lungs. I hope he feels better and you guys can enjoy your vacation:)


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Our Family Is His said...

Oh, I know what you mean. Big Boy has had some sort of stomach bug like situation for 5 1/2 weeks, Baby Boy has been sick with it off and on for nearly as long, Hubby and I have gotten it twice, but only for 24 hours each. This has been a horrible winter and fall for our family healthwise.

I pray your little one gets better soon. Scary stuff!

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melissa said...

Oh I'm sorry your kids have been sick. I hope they get better really soon!

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