Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quote of the Day: Lisa Rudley

"What a roller coaster to keep our children well and to think our parents kept us relatively well on twinkies..."
--Lisa Rudley, HHP
  Parent Activist and Homotoxicology Practitioner


Our Family Is His said...

Love the quote!!!!

Totally OT, but do you have any suggestions, or ideas on where to go, for a calcium supplement for a 1-year-old child? It has to be totally dairy and soy free (not even traces of soy). He needs a bit more than he's getting due to his switch to almond milk and we are at a loss, especially since it needs to either go in his milk or be tasty enough to get him to swallow it. So, no pills or chewables will work. Ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Tahini, ie. hummus. Crushed sesame seeds are a great source of calcium!

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