Friday, April 10, 2009

Hard Boiled Eggs--Not Just For Easter and Passover

My friend Stephanie has three kids and a hectic city schedule of pick
up and drop offs--all with out a car. She always keeps a bowl full of
hard boiled eggs in the fridge so that there is a quick healthy snack
for anyone who is hungry. Nutrition Data information on eggs shows
that eggs are a complete protein and they have a low glycemic load--
which means they can balance out all the carbs that kids gravitate
toward. Plus, they contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for
growth. I like to think "an egg a day can keep the doctor away"
because it certainly seemed that way for us when my kids were eating
eggs regularly.


Cathy said...

We love eggs here too. As long as they are quality eggs, we enjoy them for breakfast, snacks and even occassionally for a quick dinner.

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