Monday, April 6, 2009

The Healing Benefits of Epsom Salt

An epsom salt bath is a simple way to draw toxins out of the body--and
increase magnesium. I purchase epsom salts from Mountain Rose Herbs.
Epsom salt is not available as a certified organic product as it is a
natural mineral, magnesium sulfate, taken from the earth. But since
Mountain Rose Herbs sells so many organic products, they are a
reliable place to buy the epsom salts in bulk quantities. Epsom salt
baths contain sulfate which the body needs for sulfation--a key
detoxification pathway that processes toxins and phenols. Epsom salt
baths are great for hyper kids but anyone who is stressed out can
benefit from some magnesium sulfate.

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Territory Mom said...

I started using Espom in my kids' bath after I read about it on your blog. I need to use it more often and take an epsom bath myself. I once went to Hot Springs, AR and got a massage and hot bath in one of the bath houses. I have never been that relaxed in my life.

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Our Family Is His said...

Epsom salts are often used for kiddos with Autism to help detoxify and draw out the impurities trapped inside their little bodies.

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Epsom salts said...

Thanks for the information. Epsom salt is considered one of the most versatile household products. Ya epsom salt is very useful in many ways. It is crystalline magnesium sulphate. It is useful for growth of plants, can clean body with it, reduces itching and have many other benefits.

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