Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Green Your Cleaning Supplies

"Better Living Through Chemistry" was a variation on a DuPont advertising slogan. But when you are spring cleaning this year, instead of buying more chemicals, throw products out that contain dangerous chemicals. Our kids are saturated with chemicals--don't add to their body burden by buying more chemicals this spring. If you want to buy a product to clean your house with, buy some baking soda. We buy our baking soda from Mountain Rose Herbs, which sells organic products in bulk. Baking soda is so safe for your kids not only can you eat it but they can also bathe in it. Because of the many healthy properties of baking soda your kids can help you clean your bathroom with you! Baking soda is a great replacement for ajax and soft scrub which both have too many chemicals. We just use the baking soda directly on a sponge or washcloth or even an old toothbrush. But you can see my Karen Logan's book Clean House, Clean Planet or my post on her soft scrub recipe if you want to make your own soft scrub.


Our Family Is His said...

Baking soda is my best friend these days. I have some great organic cleaners, but baking soda will make my sink shine better than any cleaner, even conventional. I kept hearing it was good and finally gave it a try. WOW!

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