Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Read The Label

Read the label of EVERYTHING you eat, drink or put on your body. Instead of buying products that have a ton of chemicals in them, choose brands that are more transparent and have less chemicals. Chemicals are more dangerous in combination than alone so the more chemicals you can eliminate the healthier everyone in your family will be. Watch out for these statements which can be deceptive:
• 100% NATURAL

These statements aren't really saying anything specific about what the product contains. They aren't a guarantee that there aren't harmful ingredients. They are marketing statements which are trying to make you think they are healthy. The rule of thumb is the longer the ingredient list is the more likely that there are harmful chemicals in the product. Kids food is filled with chemicals but if you religiously read the labels you will notice that some products are better than


Our Family Is His said...

We learned this the hard way. Every conventional grocery store has shelves full of "natural" things. Well, there are a lot of natural things that are not good for us, we have to remember that. I could list a few, but who wants to read something quite so boring. We have started label reading like crazy. We know our keywords. So it's getting easier. We can scan a bit quicker now.

Another tip, every few purchases, reread labels. That trusty item you purchased 4 months ago might have had a chemical change and might now be something you wouldn't purchase. Stay vigilant.

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