Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lighter Frozen Dinners

Q: Hey, another question I know you can help me with. I want to have
a few frozen dinners for when baby arrives. The things I usually make
are chili, lasagna or shepherd's pie, but those are so heavy. Any
ideas for lighter things?

A:Hmm...GREAT question about light frozen dinners!
How about a chicken paillard? Here is a link to a chicken paillard by
Also, you could do something asian but healthy. Maybe a chicken
curry with coconut milk and some separate frozen rice.
How about some soft chicken tacos that would be like enchiladas. I
also have a beef taco recipe that is super easy. And you could serve
over rice with salsa and some cilantro. I also have a great recipe for
chicken fingers that are baked which you could have on hand to use as
"chicken fingers" or as breaded chicken cutlets over an arugula salad.