Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Review

My 7 year old wrote this review of my website in class. I really have to share it with you on Mother's Day.
P.S. It's the fish oil!

By: (my seven year old)
***** is my mom's website. If your kids love junk food...But you want them to go Healthy...Go to My moms recipies are healthy sweet and mouthwatering. Plus your kids will love this 100%. Trust me I Do. If you or your kids have an allergy to Wheat Gluten Dairy Sugar Soy etc. youl feel like your eating regular food again. My Moms helped lots of people be healthy and wants to help more (like you)! Plus youl see more than just recipes vitamin recommendations. And Videos and Stories that will make you think twice about eating processed food. In fact sometimes she stays up till 1:00 am Just to make you change your mind about eating healthy (in a good way.) My favorite thing is that I can do stuff on it. One friend said "it's so cool!" Josh said "great" even if your already healthy youl love this! My favorite is the the matza crackers. One time in computer class we were on her blog. Me and my friend posted a comment! Its funny because I am her daghter.


nyclizzie said...

Oh my gosh, we have given birth to almost the same child! That is so precious! Happy Mother's Day, K! I miss you! xoxo

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alison - said...

That is so cute! Kids sometimes get it more than adults, don't they? :)

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Shalini said...

oh so beautifully written. And great to see how much she appreciates everything you do for her. The credit goes to you, my friend. xoxo

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