Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Make Little Changes

If you like change and growth and trying new things, the process of getting healthier a little bit at a time can be quite fun. Think of one small change you can make toward being healthier that won't be that hard and try it. Then when you are comfortable with that change, try to think of an even healthier choice. See if the little changes add up. Make it fun. Be inspired.

When I figured out that I was sensitive to dairy, drinking coffee became less fun. What I really loved about drinking coffee was the milky sweetness that accompanied the coffee. I didn't give up drinking coffee at first. Initially, I gave up the cow's milk and drank it with soy milk. Then I realized how bad soy was and I drank it with just sugar--the soy wasn't that great tasting anyway. Next, I switched to black tea with sugar. As I counseled people to make healthier choices I decided I, too, could make healthier choices and I switched to herbal tea. Then when I met with Geri Brewster, a nutritionist, who recommended I have a big glass of water with half a lemon each morning, I gave up the tea completely. I didn't go from drinking coffee to drinking water with lemon overnight. It must have taken a year for me to make the switch--but I love my new even healthier ritual.

Little changes in a healthy direction can eventually lead to a big change.


Lauren said...

I love the glass of water in the morning with the lemon (and probiotic too).

BTW Are you going to post the recipe for the avocado salsa from Rosa Mexicano? I was looking for it today because we are having chips and salsa in honor of cinco de mayo. It is soo delicious!

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