Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rotating Fish Oil & Cod Liver Oil

If you don't know which fish oil product to begin with, I would suggest beginning with high EPA fish oil in the spring and summer. Carlson's has a high EPA product called Carlson's for Kids Very Finest Fish Oil. In the winter or if you have any digestive issues or are sick a lot, you could switch to Carlson's for Kid's Cod Liver Oil which also contains natural vitamin A and D. But the study out of Harvard by Dr. Andrew Stoll*** suggests the high EPA fish oil is most beneficial. You need DHA for brain GROWTH and EPA for brain FUNCTION. So during periods of rapid brain growth, DHA is important because it is essential for the structure of the brain. This would be during the first few years of life when the brain in growing. Later on, when brain function is more important, high EPA fish oil can be used. Rotating supplements can give your body different nutrients and also gives your body a rest from products periodically so you don't develop an intolerance. I always order my fish oil from the internet and make sure it tastes fresh and not fishy when I open the bottle. Also, always keep fish oil refrigerated to keep it fresh.

(you need to cut and paste this to get a pdf of lecture presented by
Andrew Stoll, M.D. from the Harvard Medical School--link doesn't work
because it is a pdf)

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John said...

This is an informative post. To get the Best fish oil, one has to be very wary of the supplements we buy. It is important to be vigilant about the composition of fish oil. The best fish oil comes from Hoki fish, found near New Zealand. It has to be extracted by molecular distillation and should contain the adequate quantities of DHA and EPA. It may or may not be flavored to hide the fishy smell.

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