Monday, June 29, 2009

Zukay Salsa with LIVE Active Cultures

This is a long overdue post about Zukay live food salsa that I discovered at the Go Green Expo in New York. Zukay's tangy salsas contain live active cultures which means they are an excellent source of probiotics. Years ago, before refrigeration, preservatives and processing of food we had a lot more fermented foods. The fermentation process preserved the food and it also provided us with neccessary probiotics on which our bodies thrived. These days there are only a few sources of probiotics. For people who can't eat dairy, there are even fewer options for ways to get probiotics into their diets. For a long time, GI Flora, in capsules was the only way we could consume probiotics. I tried making coconut yogurt from dairy free starter, but I felt a tingling in the back of my head when I tried the "dairy free" yogurt. I even hired someone to come in to make me keffir tea--but that didn't work either. So I was thrilled to stumble upon these gluten free, casein free soy free salsas at the Go Green Expo that contain active live cultures.

A lot of food that is marketed as "healthy" is so far from healthy, but Zukay's salsa is truly a healthy product everyone can enjoy.

By the way, If my kids liked ketchup I would put the Zukay salsa in a blender and mix it into the ketchup gradually increasing the amount of salsa. Since no one eats ketchup here, it's more of a theoretical suggestion.By the way, they make the MOST delicious salad dressing. The Zukay salad dressings are a product in the works, but having tasted a sample, I can't wait to get my hands on it. (I had to interupt writing this post to order a 3 pack of mild salsa and a 4 pack sample of salad dressing AND I FOUND OUT THERE IS FREE SHIPPING.)

***I have to mention that my husband doesn't like the tanginess of the fermentation. It bubbles a little kind of like champagne. But for me, it made everything taste so extraordinary. I especially liked the hot salsa mixed in with black beans and rice. Maybe he will like the naturally fat free delicious salad dressings, though--which are even better than the salsas--if that is even possible.


Kim said...

I am ready to order too -- based on your glowing review. We are trying to culture more stuff here -- I made some yummy cabbage and carrots with ginger that I fermented and even Henry will eat a bit... I got a great book called Wild Fermentation that is fun and informative, so many great recipes.

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Dr. Jean Layton said...

I wish I could find these foods out here in Washington State. I love fermented foods, routinely prescribe them and look for more sources frequently.
I'll keep an eye on their website for updates

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