Friday, July 3, 2009

Eco-Planet Organics 7 Grain Whole Grain Hot Cereal

My son and I played a game while eating this Eco-Planet Organics 7 Whole Grain Hot Cereal. Whoever took a bite and said "yummy" first won. It was his idea--probably sparked by the fact that the cereal is so delicious.

We tried the maple and brown sugar flavor which is creamy and sweet, but also full of whole grains. Oats, Amaranth, Sorghum, Quinoa, Millet and Buckwheat and Chia. The oats are certified gluten free and according to Dr. Peter Greene of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia, buckwheat is okay on a gluten free and should be called "buckCORN" and not buckwheat as the protein is more similar to corn than wheat. Normally, I am not a huge fan of healthy looking labels, but I wonder if I felt so good after eating this cereal because of the 500 g. of Omega 3s...

You can order a case of 6 boxes online now through Eco-Planet Organics or find them at Wegman's. They should be at Whole Foods in several weeks. I will keep you posted.