Friday, July 3, 2009

REVIEW: Vegetables' Destiny at Goat on a Boat

Vegetables' Destiny is a puppet show for kids at Goat on a Boat in Sag Harbor--but adults will also enjoy this off Broadway quality show as well. "It's better than Avenue Q" my sister said after watching the performance.

My favorite song was "DIRT." D-I-R-T. It doesn't hurt!" (Although the poop song about manure was a close second.) The show is full of crunchy and witty songs about the cycle of life and the finale is a plate of veggies the kids get to eat. One writer/performer said "Even if your kids don't eat vegetable--they will now." And she's right. After watching the veggies grow proudly from seed to seedling to plant to vegetable everyone was happy to help them fulfill their destiny.

See the whole summer line up at Goat on a Boat for more entertaining, creative and thoughtful events. Vegetables' Destiny will also be playing at this summer's Mid Atlantic Puppet Festival in Washington, DC. Goat on a Boat also runs a playgroup and camp.

* At the show, the popcorn is made from organic corn, safflower oil and sea salt!

Route 114 and East Union Street
Sag Harbor, NY