Saturday, July 18, 2009

Petition to Bring Back the The Orange Valencia Cake at Starbucks

Starbucks has discontinued the gluten free Orange Valencia Cake via Twitter and Triumph Dining has put together a petition and is trying to get 5,000 signatures to ask them to bring back the gluten-free cake. The ingredient list of the Orange Valencia cake is impressively short for a gluten free baked product, making it more like a homemade treat than a chemistry concoction. In addition,the fat in the cake is from almonds and eggs, which are both natural sources of healthy fats. I signed the petition this morning. Here is the link to the Triumph Dining Petition To Bring Back the Gluten-Free Cake.


Betsy said...

I did not know that they had stopped carrying them. I bought one on a road trip rest stop last week. I have been buying them often hoping that they will expand their gf menu.

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Lauren said...

headed over there right now:) how's your summer going?

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