Friday, July 31, 2009

Shopping for Gluten Free Food...

Q: Please let me know if you have any great resources (ie: stores, websites, etc.) where you purchase the gfcf products.

A: I shop at several stores for gluten free foods. I go to Whole Foods on 14th Street or Whole Foods on 59th Street for some things. They have almonds, cold cuts from Applegate Farms, Applegate Farms organic grass fed hot dogs, organic chicken, agave sweetened coconut ice cream, agave, Westsoy rice milk, GLOW Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies and organic fruits and vegetables. Trader Joe's on 14th Street is also a great place to find organic fruits and vegetables, organic meats, eggs and staples. Local health food stores in my area have a surprising good selection of other hard to find items. East Side Health Food Store has Energ-e potato starch that I use to make pizza and crackers as well as organic greens, coconut milk, and Tinkyada pasta. Food Liberation Health Market carries olive oil potato chips, Schar Gluten Free Breadsticks, Joan's gluten free bagels, Tinkyada pasta, Kinnickkinnick gluten free donuts, tapioca rice bread and Westsoy rice milk.

I have gotten used to going to a few different stores for different things and I have gotten to know the owner of Food Liberation, John, who carries some of the best gluten free items. At first, it seemed overwhelming to have to go to several different stores, but now that I know where I can find everything and I have a routine, it is much more manageable. At the end of the summer Betty Crocker is launching a gluten free line of baking mixes that you will be able to buy in regular grocery stores, which will make things easier for people who don't have the luxury of having health food stores nearby.

Some items are only available online:
Eco Planet organic gluten free maple and brown sugar hot cereal
Authentic Foods Classical Blend Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour


Betsy said...

I made the Betty Crocker GF Chocolate Chip Cookies the other day. They did not even last 24 hours in my house. The boys all gobbled them up and wanted more. I liked the fact that there were very few ingredients. Next up is the GF yellow cake.

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Kim said...

Gluten Free Mall has lots of choices too.

I also order in bulk from The mixes are fast and easy and Henry LOVES them.

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