Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FUN THINGS: A Cherry Pitter

I love to travel, but I realize I am a little quirky about what I can't leave home without. On my road trip to Vermont this summer I took: frozen pureed ginger, 5 boxes of GLOW GLUTEN FREE chocolate chip cookies, 3 bags of Joan's gluten free bagels, my Vita-Mix, my new RAW cookbook, three super soft pillows, two bags of organic cherries and... an Oxo Cherry Pitter . The cherry pitter would have been a great house gift, if I had been organized enough to buy a new one. (Note to self: be more organized and buy a cherry pitter for next visit.)

The kids had fun pitting and eating their cherries with the "cherry gun" and everyone looked very artsy covered with red cherry juice. Cherry season runs from early June to the end of August so you can enjoy cherries all summer long.