Thursday, July 2, 2009


My eight year old said "This is a HUGE score" after reading "This is a GLUTEN FREE FOOD." on all the UTZ chips that were hanging in a line at the store today. Besides being psyched she could have them all, she was especially impressed that they "went to the effort of labeling them GLUTEN FREE." I usually don't buy junk food with tons of chemicals, but she was so happy saying "This is the ONLY junk food I can have" that I bought her the bright orange cheese curls to celebrate. I split the package with her because it was two servings. If your kids can't have dairy or they are sensitive to MSG, you might want to steer clear of the cheese curls. And a lot of UTZ chips are made with cottonseed oil-- which is NOT my favorite. But, in a pinch, UTZ chips are a GLUTEN FREE FOOD and I do appreciate the labeling and how happy my daughter was that there was some actual junk food she could have.

•••Although we were both fine with the cheese curls, there is a huge anti UTZ backlash. Apparently, there have been reports of people getting sick from UTZ chips that have been labelled gluten free on celiac. com.