Thursday, September 17, 2009

List of Gluten Free Restaurants at Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the easier places to find gluten free food. You can pick up an extensive list of gluten free options on main street at city hall, which is on the left side just as you enter.

The eight page list includes all the restaurants that serve gluten free food at the main park, California Adventure and the resorts.

We went on a few ridesn before heading toward the Village Haus in Fantasy Land for gluten free burgers wrapped in lettuce and french fries. The Village Haus doesn't have table service--you have to stand in line and order from a cashier and then pick up your food at the counter. The gluten free list provided by disney suggests speaking to a manager to request the "allergy free option." We told the cashier we needed to speak to the manager to request the allergy free option. The manager handled our request to have burgers without the buns and cook the fries in a fries only frier.

Everyone was happy with their lunch. My daughter said the burger were just like IN-N-OUT burger because they had a freshly grilled flavor. There are four gluten free options at the Village Haus:
1. Fruit plate
2 .Bacon Cheeseburger(no bun)
3. Hamburger (no bun)
4. French Fries (request that fries are cooked in the fries only frier)

Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square has more adult oriented fare and offers table service. If the kids can forgo the fries, they can get a hot dog with a tapioca bun. The gluten free options at Blue Bayou are:
1. Five Peppered Roast New York
2. Blackened Cajun Spiced Salmon
3. Tesora Island Chicken
4. Portobello Mushrooms with Macque Choux
5. Broiled Filet Mignon
6. Bayou Surf and Turf (after 4 pm)

Along Main Street you can get a hot dog on a gluten free bun, ice cream or a restaurant meal at Carnation Cafe.