Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Q: Did You Do Anything Else To "Heal" Your Son

Q: Just wondering- besides the diet intervention- did you do anything else to "heal" your son? We are starting therapy and I am going to start intervening with her diet, but just wondering if you did any other DAN protocols or therapy?

A: What a great question. We saw the biggest shift through diet and supplements, but we did a number of other things at the same time. At 18 months, when my son's problems became obvious to us, we enlisted the help of everyone we could.

First, we called NY State Early Intervention, which gives services to children aged 0-3 who are delayed. Each state has a birth to 3 program which parents should contact immediately to get a state evaluation done and see if your child qualifies for services. Often, parents don't want to get state services, because they feel their child will be labeled. The problem is, that if you wait until later, the problem can be harder to address once patterns have been fixed. The state recognizes that children's brains and bodies are very flexible from birth to three so they offer services hoping to address these problems early. We were most concerned about language with my son, so while the evaluation was borderline, because of his health problems and inconsistent scoring on tests, my son received speech therapy from the NY state EI.

Next, we called a private speech therapist, Stephanie Sigal, who runs a company called Say and Play. She taught us to do speech therapy with my son ourselves during every interaction with him. In addition, she taught us basic sign language to use with him to help us communicate with him to facilitate language development. And, most importantly, she taught us how to keep him connected and not let him go off into his own world. 18-24 months is a critical period for language development, so we focused on speech intensively during this time.

I didn't know anything about the DAN! protocol at the time. I was consulting a number of mainstream and alternative doctors and doing research myself on his symptoms. A doctor did a urine test which indicated a B12 deficiency and many of his symptoms pointed to a B12 deficiency so another doctor, seeing the test, ordered me to get him some B12. I didn't know where to get B12 so I just went to the Vitamin Shoppe and got some sublingual B12 that was raspberry flavored after researching sublingual B12 online. My son started talking after he used the B12. The DAN! protocol uses Methyl B12 shots, as well as B6/magnesium, but I did it more on my own, before I knew what DAN! was. I suppose methyl B12 might have been more effective, but the sublingual really helped my kids. My kids were on B12, B6 and magnesium, and fish oil for year. As well as probiotics and enzymes.

A lot of what I have done to help my son is part of the DAN! protocol. I would definitely pursue all alternative and mainstream treatment options that are available to you and I would DEFINITELY consider seeing a DAN! doctor. Just make sure you do some research on the DAN! practitioner to make sure it is a good fit.

Also, we did mainstream testing for vitamins and minerals through an integrated doctor. These tests were also important.

In addition we did everything we could to lessen the toxic load on our son. First, we got rid of all household chemicals. We used a steam cleaner and baking soda to clean the bathroom and floors and a natural laundry detergent. In addition, we cleaned up our personal care products. So many chemicals are in baby soap and shampoo and sun screen.

Also, I cooked with garlic and coconut oil which have are both anti-yeast.

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