Sunday, September 6, 2009

SIGG Bottles...and Their (Not So) Super Secret Liner

I have always recommended Klean Kanteen Bottles which are made of stainless steel. SIGG bottles, which are popular replacements for plastic water bottles are made of aluminum and lined with a secret liner which is...PLASTIC. When I looked into just what it was lined with I really didn't like their secrecy and it felt to me like they were hiding something. I wasn't surprised when I read on that SIGG bottles manufactured before August of 2008 actually do contain bisphenol A (BPA). Those bottle are still on sale and being shipped. They have created a new liner that is BPA free--but still plastic--just not plastic that leaches BPA.

Below is a photo of what the old liner and the new liner look like. If you have the older SIGG bottles, lined with a gold color liner, you can email They will email you forms and tell you how to return your SIGG bottle. Then, they will issue you a coupon for a replacement bottle. Light Green Stairs has more info on this issue. My advice is to go with the stainless steel Klean Kanteen bottles in the future. An aluminum bottle lined with plastic is not such a great substitute for plastic.


Cannon and Kassie said...

dang it Kir, why did you have to tell me that?? I thought they were ceramic lined. What a load, Oh well, I use my kleen kant. more anyway.

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Cathy said...

This just came from a group I am in: Attention disgruntled Sigg owners- the online store 'The Soft Landing' has a special offer.
If you send them your Sigg to be recycled, they will send you a 30% off
coupon for a new stainless steel water bottle. You can send in as many as you'd like and get the same number with the discount.
The sale ends 9/14.

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Angie said...

This is very upsetting. I bought 6 SIGG bottles, one for each member of my family. And we use them all of the time!I have also told many of my friends about it. Thanks for sharing this information.

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