Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RockLI Support Group: Parents Get NY Schools to Provide Equivalent Food for Celiac Students

Last night, I went to the R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids) Long Island support group with my friend, Jill, who makes GLOW Gluten Free Cookies. It was a long ride in a ton of rush hour traffic to get to the meeting from New York City, but it was great to get information about gluten free products, gluten free restaurants in the long island area and the rights of parents to get special accommodations for their kids with celiac in the public schools in New York State. The leader of the ROCKLI group had even photocopied a page of a New York State document detailing how a student with celiac could qualify for 504c status which would classify celiac as a disability. This classification would require the school system to provide gluten free food for the child. These R.O.C.K. LI parents have really advocated for their kids in the school setting and they provide support and resources for new parents who are interested in trying to implement this school program for their children. ROCKLI works hard to bring in some gluten free products for the group to try. GLOW Gluten Free Cookies provided some tasty samples of their gluten free dairy free cookies for everyone to sample (and purchase!) at last night's meeting. I enjoyed tasting the snickerdoodles and chewy gingersnap cookies.