Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GREAT Gluten Free/Celiac Research and Links for Parents

Is Gluten Sensitivity a Neurologic Disease?

From the Official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics:
Range of Neurologic Disorders in Patients with Celiac Disease

For information on EAR INFECTIONS and diet go to Kelly Dorfman-Nutritionist (third down in row.) This is a great radio interview. I would recommend this to providers who want to educate parents of children with ear infections. It is a great explanation

Here is some TACA information:
Going Gluten Free and Casein Free in 10 weeks


Our Family Is His said...

Great links. I am looking through them now. I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on us.

My son, with the nasty gut issues, might be heading down the road towards figuring it out. I researched and researched, and beat my head and beat my head, emailed every researcher, children's hospital, and head of gastroenterology I could find in the coutry, telling them out story. I got two responses. One came from a Mom of a child like mine. She suggested fat malabsorption. I researched that and hello! The information I found was eye opening. I spoke to our nutritionist and she's in agreement and thinks that's what we are looking at. Called our doctor and we are doing a stool sample to verify fat in the stool.

But, I think we are looking at gluten issues, possibly celiac. So we are heading down the road to GF/CF for him.

The other contact, the Mayo Clinic. They want their head of GI to look at all of his GI tests, notes, pediatrician chart, etc and he's going to call us and talk about some options we have, make some recommends for someone in our area (if there isn't someone very well versed in what he sees, we are getting to Minnesota and will go see them), and so on. Maybe we are finally on our way to figuring out his poor little gut.

Thank you so much for your part in helping us figure out what was happening with him.

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