Friday, October 30, 2009

New Test for Celiac Genetics at Prometheus: My Celiac ID

I was looking up Prometheus Lab to find a link to the Prometheus Celiac Plus test, which includes serology (blood) tests and genetic tests for celiac. It is the "gold standard" of celiac tests and the one used by the Celiac Center of Columbia. I stumbled upon a NEW test which can be used for the genetic portion of the Prometheus test called MyCeliacID. This test, which is also done by Prometheus, uses a do it yourself saliva based test. You can find out if you have the genes and the likelihood of your developing celiac based on your genetics. Certain genetic combinations are at increased risk for developing celiac. MyCeliacID costs $329. Unfortunately, MyCeliacID is not available in New York State. The test can't be used to tell you if you have celiac, but it can let you know if it is a possibility and it is a great idea for anyone on a gluten free diet or for family members who want to know if they are at risk.