Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Personal Foodie

Jill Hopler, who has a business called Your Personal Foodie in NYC, is a wonderful resource if you need someone to help you cook food for your kids (or organize!) I can't recommend her enough for "homemade, healthy and tasty food" made in your home.

I first met Jill when I was renovating my kitchen. I had to pack up the kitchen and was quite overwhelmed by the task--especially with two kids who had allergies to gluten. Jill helped me pack up everything and she was especially sensitive to what I needed for the kids for the summer. When I returned from the summer, she helped me unpack all the boxes and organize my kitchen. Since then, she has helped me cook for dinner parties, birthday parties and family events.

Not only is Jill a great cook, she is also flexible, helpful and supportive. I always say I need "another me" and Jill can really fill this need by filling in cooking when I need to be doing something else. If you need someone to help you with cook for your kids in New York City or organize you can't go wrong hiring Jill Hopler. She will use her own recipes or your kids favorites! Hiring her to help someone who has just had a baby is also a great gift. See the testimonials on her website for more rave reviews.

Jill Hopler
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