Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gluten Free Custom Choice Cereal

Custom Choice Cereal invited me to make a sample bag of their gluten free cereal. You choose a base: cinnamon granola, corn flakes or morning flakes. Then you select your your favorite dried fruit or nuts. My "What To Feed Your Kids" mix included cinnamon granola as the base cereal with cherries, coconut and almonds mixed in. It was super fun to make a custom blend mix and I can't wait to order a bag for each of my kids. Actually, my favorite part was being able to name my cereal and the great labeling of my custom mix. I imagine it would make bringing along your own gluten free cereal super fun and easy if it is so clearly labeled.

The granola was more chewy than crunchy and full of cinnamon--as promised. It was perfect with the crunchy almonds. This cereal would be great for a gluten free snack assortment if you are traveling or for a gift basket for someone who is gluten free.

It went pretty fast in my house. By the time I went to get a picture for this post it was almost gone! You can order cereal just the way you like it at Custom Choice Cereal.

What To Feed Your Kids received one bag of cereal courtesy of Custom Choice Cereal.