Sunday, January 3, 2010

Minnie's Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies at Disneyworld

A friend sent me this picture of Gluten Fee Chocolate Chip Cookies he saw at the Disney Store at Downtown Disney in Orlando. Not to be confused with the sugar free ones on the right. Nice to know that Minnie's Bake Shop is getting on the gluten free bandwagon. I don't know how they taste--but I am thrilled that Disney is creating more gluten free products for kids who are visiting the Magic Kingdom. Which reminds me...What happened to "HAVE A MAGICAL DAY"? The first time I went to Disneyland, a few years ago, everyone who worked at Disney said "Have a magical day!" The last time I visited no one said it. Does anyone know what happened to "Have a magical day"???


Anne said...

Disney world is the most wonderful vacation spot for anyone with a gf lifestyle. They have gf hot dog buns on main street, gf hamburger bun. At the sci fi diner, and delicious gf rolls at California grill. Every restaurant has a gf menu and they will accomodate food allergies. Love Disney!!

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