Friday, January 15, 2010

VOTE for NAA on Facebook's Chase community Giving Program

I serve on the board of a local chapter of the National Autism Association. Our parent, NAA, has a real chance to win $ 1million from Chase's community giving program but they need votes to do it!

Click here and sign in at the top of the page to LOG IN TO FACEBOOK TO VOTE.

Autism is a national health emergency! NAA is the ONLY autism organization in the running to receive $1million from Chase. NAA provides REAL help directly to families. NAA does big things on a small budget. $1million is a lot of money for NAA– it will allow NAA to significantly expand programs and further help the community. Autism is under-funded, and resources -- especially those to provide help to families -- are scarce.

OR vote on NAA's website
OR sign up on Facebook to VOTE

If you are on Facebook -- please vote now. If you are not, join and vote. Every vote counts and every dollar would be valuable to NAA!

Please spread the word to others and feel free to forward this message.



Our Family Is His said...

I just voted and will be spreading the word on this one.

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Territory Mom said...

The picture of the butterfly made my cry. I'll vote, too and get the word out.

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BEE said...

i just found your blog
my little one has autism and is on the gfcf diet and doing amazing

but i was really amazed at your blog
i love it

i put it in my bookmarks

so much info

thank you so much

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