Thursday, February 25, 2010

DINNERTIME at Raising Six Children in New York City is a wonderful new blog by a mom who has some terrific ideas about how to make total chaos into pure fun. I am kind of a homebody. Really I am a "kitchenbody" as I am mostly in my kitchen. So it is with great pleasure that I read about Mommy Wommy's adventures taking her SIX kids here and there in NYC. The truth is my kids are kind of homebodies too. My daughter loves to read. My son builds legos and paints. And often we don't take advantage of all that New York City has to offer. But I am inspired to adventure out more after reading RSCinNYC. Even if you aren't in NYC you might be inspired by her ideas about Dinnertime Activities and Dinnertime--The Time for Dinner.

Our favorite way to get dinnertime conversation going is for everyone to tell about the best and worst part of their day. Everyone gets to reflect and share about how their day went. And it is often the best part of my day. Another favorite--if you aren't feeling as creative as Mommy Wommy--is Family Dinner Box of Questions. You pick a card and then everyone goes around and answers a fun question. What is the coziest place in your house? What TV family is your family most like? We had a hard time answering that one!

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thank you gluten free family !
Its a honor to be on your site
for we are all offering to share
and co create a better world together !

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