Thursday, March 18, 2010

Speech Nutrients SPEAK Omega 3 Starter Kit

People who know my kids will probably think it is ironic that I just ordered an omega 3 product called SPEAK for my kids. If there is one problem my kids don't have now, it's speech problems--probably because of all the fish oil they have taken over the years. But, this product is specially formulated with all the nutrients that my kids do well on--high EPA/low DHA fish oil, Vitamin E, GLA and Vitamin K. It comes in capsules, but when I spoke to the company, they said that is was formulated in capsules to prevent the oil from getting rancid when exposed to air. Most parents, they said, opened the large capsules and put them in something. They have a starter kit for parents that is $49.95.

Vitamin K, needed for blood coagulation (clotting) is produced in the gut and it is in the Nutristart multivitamin my son has been on since he was 18 months old. When you have digestive issues the body often cannot make enough vitamin K. Bruising and nose bleeding can be a sign that you are low in this vitamin. It is also found in foods that many kids do not eat that much of: leafy green vegetables, avocado and kiwis. These are not foods that my kids eat on a daily basis. People who have celiac or irritable bowel disease are more likely to be low in this vitamin.

They also have a simpler product called Learn which just has the omega 3s. I will let you know how it goes when I receive Speak and I hesitate to recommend something I haven't tried so you can wait a few weeks until I report back. But it was recommended to us by Geri Brewster, our nutritionist, and when I looked at the formulation, it really does look like an exceptional product.

While I am hoping it will simplify my life and I don't need my kids to actually speak more at this point, Speak was developed by a pediatrician for kids with verbal apraxia and it looks very promising for many kids. Although I haven't tried it yet, I would recommend it for anyone with any kind of speech or gut issues. If your child has both issues, you definitely should put it on your list of things to try.

For a little while, when people would remark on how verbal my son was I would say "It's the fish oil--it makes you smart." My son is older now. At 4, he would yell at me and say "MOM, I don't want you talk about me!" But really, fish oil does help with speech. And, it is nice to know that they are now letting parents know about the connection between these critical essential fatty acids and learning.

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Shalini said...

I can't thank you enough for this blog! I ordered the starter kit already. We have to keep trying. Thanks again. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

You may want to read this about the horrific side effects reported from this product including seizures. It has huge amounts of vitamin e and vitamin k

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