Friday, April 2, 2010

Gluten Free Passover Seder Dinner Recipes

I went overboard making everything from scratch for a Passover seder this year. It was only four of us for dinner because we were leaving the next day for vacation. I made Matzah ball soup using Julia Child's chicken stock, homemade gluten free matzah, brisket, roasted asparagus, potato kugel and Ina Garten's meringues for dessert. Of course, dessert was the big hit. Ina's recipe for meringues worked perfectly. I beat the egg whites well and then I added the sugar. Everyone was fighting over the meringue cookies and little bird's nest meringues I served with cherries and a mini scoop of ice cream. I was too busy cooking to take many pictures. I realized, after a too long day of cooking, I could have made it easier for myself by cooking the chicken stock, the brisket and the meringues the day before. Oh well, there is always next year and I often go overboard when I am cooking so it wasn't a huge surprise. And I could use my week long vacation in the sun to recover.