Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Friday: Great Gift Ideas

In truth, I am probably a better receiver of gifts than I am a gift giver. My husband itsactually the star gift giver in our family. I am often late with gifts--sorry HB! But, I have had some successes and I have gotten some great gifts I wanted to share these. Feel free to comment with your favorite gift ideas.

My favorite GIFT IDEAS:

Franklin Table Tennis Kit $13.00
A flower cake my husband sent me with a card "It's a FLOWER cake not a FLOUR cake!"
The Rainy Day Indoor Playground--an expensive splurge for kids but well worth it--especially in a city apartment
For kids: anything that comes in a GIFT HERO bag
For the cook: Rachel Ray Furi Stainless Steel Knife--this is plastic but I do love it!
For a newborn: Ribbie Romper from Hannah Anderson in Organic Cotton
For a host: custom stamp from Three Designing Women
Hang out time at the Great Jones Spa Water Lounge in NYC
Babysitting is a great gift for any parent
Flowers, of course!
For the gluten free traveler: Gluten free goodies delivered to your destination when traveling--hard to pull off but very impressive.
A bottle of a sparkling organic beverage with a ribbon
A cherry pitter and a bag of cherries in a colander