Monday, May 31, 2010

Giving up Pizza and Finding Friendship

This afternoon I was hanging out with some gluten-free, celiac friends and we got on the topic of pizza. My friend remarked how much they missed going out for pizza. Not even the pizza itself, but the easiness of grabbing a slice of pizza and not having to think about it. I was saying how nice it was for my kids to visit their house because they could eat the food and snacks that were on hand. Later, on the beach, we ended up discussing how many of our close friends we had met through our journey into this gluten free world that we would never have met if we had not had to deal with being gluten free. I realized that I had somehow traded the easy trip to the pizza place for many new, meaningful friendships. And although I miss regular pizza I have gotten something in return that was even more special--friendship.


Katherine Pennington said...

I have a diet and lifestyle business ( and a blog, about the challenges of raising healthy kids in a junk food world. I adore your blog and find your posts very informative!My 10 yr old is on a gluten-free diet so most of my blog is devoted to this (as well as the food in my house) Kinnikick has the most delicious premade pizza crust and we have so much fun making pizzas at home with it. We also always stock Glutino's. It definately takes more pre-planning and I really appreciated your post!

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busy lizzie said...

That is such a great way of looking at things! I have had my own couple of five minute pity parties (being a newbie to it all) but I dont want to turn into a whiny "I can't have anything" sort! I have to think of the things I can do and the healthy life I can lead. PS in NZ we have Hell Pizza and they do a gluten free range. Although we rarely have takeaways so its not that major for us!

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