Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Cooking Today...

Today was not a meatless Monday at my house. The kids started off the day with french toast, which I make pretty regularly for breakfast. I had a salad for breakfast AND lunch because I was trying to use up the remaining greens before I picked up week 2 of my CSA farm share. For dinner, I made Pan Seared Chicken with Bay Leaf Sauce and then used the bones to make Julia Child's Chicken Stock for chicken noodle soup. My daughter has been begging me for chicken soup before she goes off to camp for the summer and today I actually had some time so I figured I would have a meatless day another day so that she could enjoy chicken noodle soup before she heads off for the summer.

I have a lot to do in preparation for sending my gluten free eight year old off to camp: sew on remaining labels into clothing and bedding, bake GF cookies and send gluten free food to camp, and repack her bag which has been riffled through a few times by her and her four year old brother. For an end of year party at school, my DD has requested GLOW Gluten Free Cookies so I don't have to bake for the party--which is nice given all the other stuff I have to do. But I am also taking her and two friends away for the weekend for her birthday which means I also have to buy some presents, pack up clothing and organize food for the weekend. It seems there is always something big happening followed by something else right behind it. I am looking forward to summer vacation.

I always say: I am good at many things--but organizing is not one of them! I am better at Birthdays! And staying up late! Off to sleep. Goodnight.

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