Friday, July 16, 2010

Gluten Free Menu at the Cloisters on Sea Island, Georgia

The River Bar, a restaurant at the Cloisters, a resort in Sea Island, Georgia just created a gluten free menu today which I look forward to sampling. The gluten free menu includes tomato soup with gluten free grilled cheese as well as a hamburger with a gluten free bun and french fries and several other items. They even have a gluten free kid's menu and a gluten free dessert menu!

The chef at Big George's restaurant also went out of their way to accommodate us on our recent stay to visit friends at their cottage on Sea Island. We called the executive chef in advance and told them what would work for our gluten free family and Big George's had rice, corn, and roasted potatoes on the buffet that were all gluten free. They had a hamburger with a gluten free bun and pasta. They even brought two types of bread to our table--a crusty rosemary bread and an moist quiche like muffin. And they made jello that my son could eat while everyone else was eating the dessert buffet.

At the camp at the Cloisters's they ordered my son an allergy free lunch from the snack bar because they serve food like pizza and barbecue. The gluten free, casein free lunch was a hamburger without the bun, potato chips and fruit. They have ice cream everyday but offered to order him some dairy free strawberry sorbet from the ice cream shop.

Last night we played Bingo at the Cloister's on Sea Island in Georgia which is every Tuesday and Thursday night in the summer. It was beyond fun.

Bingo and a gluten free menu. What more could you want from a summer vacation?

We rode bicycles home in the dark adding to the fun filled night. I would highly recommend a gluten free family vacation at the Cloister's on Sea Island. Call in advance to let the chef know you are arriving and what kind of food your family likes to eat to make sure that they have it.


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Kim said...

Wow this sounds like a great trip - so happy to see how accommodating places were. We have had very positive experiences in France with menus prepared to meet Henry's dietary needs. So cool that many places are finally getting it!

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