Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleepaway Camps for Kids on a Gluten Free Diet

Here is a list of camps that have experience dealing with gluten free diet. Most camps provide some of the gluten free food and parents send up some of the food. At Camp Wah-Nee I was told the camp provides all the gluten free food. There are lists of camps that are completely gluten free but they usually run for only a week each summer.

"They have been so accomodating. We love it."
"A member of the staff at Point O'Pines is on a gluten free diet so they make gluten free food that for staff as well as campers who are on gluten free diets. They have made a huge effort to provide substitutes."
"My girls go to Camp Wah-nee where they are so accommodating.This year the camp brought in a nutritionist working to help the camp and we have gone through every meal. They get the alternative food. The girls have their own toaster and are to keep food and have full access to it.
Special things are cooked for them so they eat the same as the rest of the camp and they always have alternatives that they love. It has been great."